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Beauty Pick: Bioderma Beauty Products

Bioderma Micellar Water Solution, Eye Contour Gel, Shine-Control Moisturizer, Hydrating Moisturizer

I first heard the buzz about the French brand Bioderma before it was easily available in the U.S.. Beauty bloggers and editors, as well as my sister, were raving about its micellar water face cleanser, so of course I had to try it! I did, loved it, and stocked up on it on my next trip to Paris with the hope that it would last until my next visit. Fortunately, you can buy it easily now in the U.S. via Beautylish.

The particular Bioderma product I first tried was their Sensibio H2O make-up removing micelle solution (see my review here) which I primarily use at night or after a sweaty workout 🙂 . After saturating a cotton pad with the solution, I wipe it across my face to remove make-up as well as cleanse. The product packaging says that there is no need to rinse after use, but I always prefer to whether I need to or not. I love the Sensibio H2O, because it is soothing and gentle on my skin. More importantly, it removes make-up (except for heavy mascara) and doesn’t make me break out. I have used it for a few years and still love it.

Several weeks ago, I received a complimentary package of products from Bioderma. In addition to Sensibio H2O, I also received Sébium H2O, Hydrabio H2O, Sensibio Eye Contour Gel, Sébium Mat Control Moisturizer, and the Hydrabio Sérum Moisturizing Concentrate. Already a fan of Sensibio H2O, I was excited to try some of Bioderma’s other products. My review as follows:


Sébium H2O

A micellar water cleansing solution similar to Sensibio, this one is formulated for combination/oily skin. Intended to limit sebum production and provide stronger cleansing power than the Sensibio, I found this one to still be gentle on my skin. It has a light cucumber scent which I’m not crazy about, but fortunately it does not linger. Overall I liked it and plan on using it more in the summer.


Hydrabio H2O

This one is a micellar water cleansing solution as well, but this one is formulated for dry, sensitive skin. Similar to the other two, it is gentle and soothing on the skin. After using it, my skin felt more hydrated. I have combination skin, so I’ll probably use this more in the winter or when my skin feels extra sensitive after exfoliating.


Sensibio Eye Contour Gel

A clear gel, Sensibio Eye feels very light when applied to the under eye area. Intended to reduce puffiness as well, I liked its cooling and slightly tightening effect on my skin. Also liked that it is still hydrating, and absorbs sufficiently into the skin so that makeup can be applied on top. This one might be my favorite product of this post.


Sébium Mat Control Moisturizer

For combination/oily skin, this one is meant to control shine. It has a cucumber scent which, as I said before, I’m not crazy about, but the scent is fortunately subtle. I like it’s lightweight formula. More importantly, it was gentle on my skin and didn’t make me break out.


Hydrabio Sérum Moisturizing Concentrate

This moisturizer is intended for very dry, sensitive skin. I tried it after I accidentally over-exfoliated with my salicylic/glycolic acid face wash. I had very dry patches of skin and this serum worked well to hydrate those areas without irritation. I love that it is a lightweight gel that still moisturizes without feeling heavy or making me break out. I will definitely hold onto this for the winter months!



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