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Today’s Beauty Pick – Dr. Brandt Cleansing Water Review

Until recently, my end-of-the-day facial cleansing routine was very simple. I used Arbonne’s gentle face wash cleanser as an all-in-one makeup removal/wash product, and that’s it. I loved it because it was quick and the Arbonne cleanser didn’t irritate my skin or make it feel really dried out afterwards. But to be honest I never had a feeling that I was getting all my makeup off (clogged pores and traces of eyeliner in the morning may have been a clue…), so I tried this Dr. Brandt cleansing water(c/o LuckyFabb) and the extra step seems to do the trick. It is soothing to my skin(perfect in a cold winter), and isn’t heavy or slimy the way a lot of other types of makeup removers are. The packaging says that you don’t need to wash(or rinse) your face afterwards, but I do. I’m not sure I would ever be comfortable removing makeup without washing afterwards, but I guess it’s nice to know you have the option. As I am now on my second bottle, facial cleansing water is now officially part of my daily routine and I love it.

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    January 31, 2015 at 8:50 pm

    It sounds fantastic! I hate going to sleep with makeup on my face.

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