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Favorite Skincare and Makeup Products Right Now

Flatlay of favorite skincare and makeup products right now

As I get older, my skincare regimen and makeup products are increasingly important to me. It’s not just about the quality of the products/ingredients, but it’s also about how effective they are. With a busy schedule, I only want to use products that I love which serve their purpose or at least make me feel better. ? Fortunately, there are so many great beauty products to choose from, and the diversity and quality seems to be improving year after year! This post is a round up of my current favorite skincare and makeup products that I use regularly(mostly daily) and love. See below for my review…


Flatlay of GingerChi Jade Guasha Comb and Mini Eye Roller with Serums

Jade Skincare Tools

I received the GingerChi Jade Guasha Comb and Mini Eye Roller as well as the corresponding serums courtesy of the brand for review. Having heard so much about the skin enhancing benefits of jade skincare tools, I couldn’t wait to try these! First, I was immediately impressed by the quality of the 2 skincare tools I received. They had a nice weight to them, perfectly sized and all the edges were smooth. These details may seem like they would be standard, but I had tried to purchase some jade tools from another brand in the past and ended up returning them all due to poor quality.

The Guasha Comb, a new product of the GingerChi Collection, is designed for head massage as well as for face and body. Different areas of the comb are designed for different areas of the face/body to improve lymphatic drainage, lift/tighten and massage. I particularly love the Guasha Comb because it is so versatile as an all-in-one jade tool, easy to clean and convenient for travel.

The Mini Eye Roller is intended for dark circles/ puffy eyes and mouth lines. Since my previous tries with face rollers found them to roll unevenly, I was very happy to find that this one has a smooth roll. It feels gentle on my skin and is very relaxing to use.

I keep both of these jade tools in the refrigerator for an extra cooling effect. Love to use them regularly as a way to relax. The serums smell amazing and are calming, but use them sparingly as I have oily skin and am prone to breakouts. Not sure if there are any visible changes to my skin (yet), but these jade tools make me feel great. And that is reason enough!

Vitamin C Serum – 

A few years ago I saw a dermatologist to update my skincare to address some anti-aging concerns. In addition to retinol, etc. she strongly recommended adding a topical Vitamin C to my routine. Unfortunately, all the ones I tried made me breakout. Recently, I tried this one from Glossier and love it! It really does give a glow to my skin. Best of all, it doesn’t make me break out!


Always trying to keep my routine as minimal as possible, I loving finding good all-in-one products. This balm from Glossier and the ‘Solidarity Balm’ (similar product here) I received as a gift from L’Occitane are 2 that I particularly love right now. I use it on my lips, hands and anywhere else that needs last minute moisturization.


Flatlay of Patchology Aromatherapy Eye Gels

Eye Gels –

Received these Patchology aromatherapy eye gels as a gift from their recent launch event. They hydrate and calm my under eye skin. Love the aromatherapy feature, especially when I use these during a break in the day! ?


Favorite Beauty Products: Jill Stuart Beauty, GingerChi, Glossier, L'Occitane

Lips –

This lip gloss from Glossier is great when you just want to add crystal clear shine. No added color or glitter, it’s perfect to wear over any lip color or alone for that au naturel look! If you want the perfect hydrating shimmer look, try this one from Jill Stuart Beauty. A pretty pink shade, the color is very light but buildable if you want. Check out a previous post on Jill Stuart Beauty… obsessed with this brand!

Brow –

This brow product is described as an all-in-one ‘fluffer, filler and shaper’, and it really is! Bought it in brown, and looks so natural. It isn’t too stiff or liquid-y, so it’s easy to apply and wear through the day.

Tools –

Not exactly a makeup product, but this compact mirror definitely helps with makeup touchups throughout the day. Gotta be honest, I just love it because it’s a little extra.


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