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16 Hostess Gifts to Buy Now…

As we head into a holiday season of celebrations and gatherings of friends, families as well as colleagues, it’s a good idea to prepare in advance with gifts for the host or hostess. Whether you attend one holiday party or more than 10, the end of year can be hectic and any planning that can be done ahead of time will pay off. You know, more time to work on your outfit (look fabulous), grab a drink and enjoy the moment!
Below are 16 of my fave host/hostess gifts to give (and receive) right now. All are great, quality gifts that are also relatively neutral as far as personal taste. And to make it easier, they’re all from stores with good (reasonable) return policies. Especially love the Parisian Cocktails recipe book (inspiring me to have a cocktail party!), the NEST candles (have these and love the smell!), the gold-rimmed decanter (would probably never buy this for myself, but would love it as a gift!), the chic acrylic trays, and well… everything else!! Prices range from $9 to less than $200 to work with many budgets… 🙂

Click through below to shop this post (and a few more items…) here:

Have a great weekend!

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