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Jeans, Tops & Comfy Clothes to Wear Now & Later

Wearing Agolde Jeans and Madewell T-Shirt in NYC / Jeans, Tops and Comfy Clothes to Wear Now

So, what have you been wearing lately? At the onset of the “stay-at-home” order in New York, I dressed mostly in athleisure. Aside from being more comfortable, I thought that I’d be more inclined to exercise while stuck at home if I dressed for it, or at least that’s what I told myself… Well, the reality is that it didn’t make me exercise more and, in fact, made me feel less motivated overall.  So now I am back to dressing a little more like I did before. Previously, due to my lifestyle and profession in a more creative field, I didn’t often dress formally or with a corporate style but I did always try to look put together (mostly with jeans, my wardrobe must-have). I only wore workout clothes if I actually had a workout. 🙂 As with anything though, it’s about balance, so here are some fave jeans, cute tops for those video chats, and comfy clothes to get through life now as well as later. Continue Reading →

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Best Hand and Body Lotions to Moisturize

Emergin C Hand and Body Lotions to Moisturize

Hi everyone! Hope you are well and staying healthy. I live in New York and my kids’ schools closed due to the COVID-19 virus almost 3 weeks ago, so we’ve had a little extra time to settle into our ‘stay-at-home’ routine. Even still, it’s a bizarre new reality that I sometimes forget when I wake up in the morning. Fortunately, we’ve been relatively healthy (knock on wood), so can’t complain. In fact, this ‘pause’ on life is exactly what I needed. Continue Reading →

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Scoop NYC – They’re back and affordable!

Wearing Scoop Peplum top in bright pink.

The ’90’s are having their moment in fashion right now and I’m surprised (and happy) to say… I love it!  Although I thought some of the looks/trends, like high-waisted jeans, were questionable at the time, it was an exciting time to celebrate personal style especially with a show like “SATC” with Sarah Jessica Parker.  A store that helped inspire and fuel new excitement and creativity in fashion in the ’90’s was Scoop NYC. Continue Reading →

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Holiday – Fave Gifts For Her… and Me ;)

Black Saint Laurent Tote for 'Gifts for Her and Me'

There are so many fabulous choices for Holiday ‘Gifts For Her’. Whether it’s a beauty product (see my post here), clothing or accessories, I always select items for this gift list at a variety of price points that I would love to receive as well. In fact, I already own many of the items featured below like the Spanx leggings. If I don’t already have them in my closet, they are definitely on my wish list! Continue Reading →

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Holiday – Top Gifts for Him to Buy Now

Top 5 Tie Bar Gift Picks for Him for the Holidays

Gifts for him… a simpler gift category as far as product variety, but often the most difficult to choose from without knowing the recipient really well. So for this gift list I’ve carefully selected classic yet modern gift items that incorporate functionality/versatility. At various price points, these are all items I would be happy to give as a gift. In fact, I’ve already selected or purchased a few for my own “Gifts for Him” gift list. 😉 Continue Reading →