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It’s Time for Real, Positive Change

Showing 'Your Sphere of Influence' by Danielle Coke of @ohhappydani . It's time to create real, positive change.

Art/photo credit: Danielle Coke of @ohhappydani

I had a few blog posts planned for early this month, but like many of you, I needed to take a pause.  The increasingly publicized and irrefutable stories of racial injustice particularly towards the Black Community was, and is, so heartbreaking.  As a minority, I have always been strongly aware and sensitive to racism that exists in our society, mostly because I experienced or witnessed it.  In light of recent events, I am even more shocked, disheartened, and frustrated by the disparity of racial injustice that continues to negatively impact the Black Community.

June 19th, Juneteenth, is a day to commemorate the end of legal slavery in the U.S.  So almost 200 years later, I find it devastating that we, as a country, have not made more progress towards racial equality.  As many have said before me and are saying now, ‘Enough is Enough’.  Black Lives Matter, because IF All Lives matter then we must, first, make Black Lives matter.

So now is the time for action and to create change.  Real, positive change.  Systemic racism is pervasive and deeply embedded in our society, culture and laws.  It is only through continued education, effort, awareness and love that we begin to dismantle the institution of racism.

I know that I have a lot to learn, but I will try and try harder.  Below are some resources for learning as well as a few ways to take action.  Of course a lot more can be found via internet search, library visits if your library is open, honest conversations, etc., but if you wanted a start, here it is…


Resources for Learning About Systemic Racism and Fighting Racial Inequality:

An Essential Reading Guide for Fighting Racism – Buzzfeed News

What is White Privilege, Really?

75 Things White People Can Do For Racial Injustice

I found the artwork (top photo) by Danielle Coke on instagram (@ohhappydani).  I love how it shows the many ways that we can be an influence to dismantle racism.  She has created many more beautiful pieces of art so check out her account and get on her mailing list here!


Organizations to Support and Donate:

Black Lives Matter

Black Mamas Matter

Color of Change



Support Black Creators:

Black Creators are minimally represented on social media campaigns and collaborations yet there are so many more who should and deserve to be seen and heard.  My friend and fellow blogger, Bethany of Twenty Something Plus, put together a list of 100+ Black Creators in a blog post here.  Take a look and diversify your feed!



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