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Current Essentials: What I need now…

Current Essentials: What I need right now... Sneakers!

How are you all doing over there?! I’m continuing to work on simplifying my life as well as re-evaluating priorities. Included in this, is being more thoughtful about the products I bring into my home and life. Today, I just wanted to share some of my current essentials that I need in my life right now.

What I need now…


I’ve always been shoe obsessed, in particular, fancy ones with heels. 😉  But now that we’ve been staying home, the only ones I’ve been regularly wearing are sneakers. Not just because I’m not going out anymore, but also because I’ve been trying to exercise more. Below are some faves that I’ve been considering:

A few months ago, I bought these white superstars. Extremely comfortable, love their sharp, clean all-white look. Everyone suggests to size down, but I always go up a half size for adidas sneakers to have room for an extra arch support insert (I have high arches).

Walking my dog in NYC with my favorite white Adidas Superstar sneakers!


Working Out

I’ve been a fan of Zella for years. The fabric quality is great and the price is more reasonable compared to something similar at the higher-end workout clothing brands. Since I hadn’t updated my workout clothing in years, I bought the pants below at the start of the lockdown. Especially love these cropped ones for the pockets that perfectly hold my cell phone! So now I can exercise… no excuse!!



I received this heart shaped contact-limiting key ring as a sample to review from Beacon Handmade. Great for pushing elevator and register buttons, opening doors and holding shopping bags, it’s the perfect Mother’s Day gift as well as gift for every member of the family! Made of 100% copper, it is naturally anti-microbial. 🙂 I’ll be using this for everything! Haha

100% Copper Contact-Limiting Key Ring, Heart Shaped


Just bought this lighted mirror and ring light. The mirror has an attachment for phone selfies and videos. And the ring light is a must-have, because virtual is the new normal. Time to embrace it and look better too!


Some other things I may not need right now, but love and want! 😉

Aside from walking, I’ve been doing a lot of mat exercises. Love the yoga mats below. The towel is an essential to not only keep you from slipping, but to also keep your mat clean. When we go back to in-person classes, I’ll be bringing my towel and probably my own mat too!  Also love the tops below which are perfect for loungewear…


So there you are. These would all make a great Mother’s Day gift or just a great practical treat for yourself! Stay safe.  ??

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