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Scoop NYC – They’re back and affordable!

Wearing Scoop Peplum top in bright pink.

The ’90’s are having their moment in fashion right now and I’m surprised (and happy) to say… I love it!  Although I thought some of the looks/trends, like high-waisted jeans, were questionable at the time, it was an exciting time to celebrate personal style especially with a show like “SATC” with Sarah Jessica Parker.  A store that helped inspire and fuel new excitement and creativity in fashion in the ’90’s was Scoop NYC.

Opened in ’96 on Broadway and Spring St in Manhattan, Scoop NYC was a pioneer in merchandising and a fave of celebrities and the fashion-forward. But unfortunately, Scoop faced business challenges just like many retailers face over time, and was forced to close their business in 2016.

The good news is that Scoop re-launched in the Fall of 2019. Sold now exclusively at Walmart, the looks are very affordable so accessible to a much larger market, but still fashion-forward!

The peplum top I’m wearing above as well as the leopard print maxi dress are 2 pieces I bought from the Scoop re-launch. Both priced individually well under $50, they are perfect to mix in with my current wardrobe. Read on for more!

Wearing Scoop leopard print maxi dress.

Last September I attended Scoop’s re-launch celebration in NYC. See below for photos from the event as well as some of their fall/winter looks. Continue to the bottom of this post for my fave pieces available at Walmart now. If you see something you love, get it! At these prices, I find that my fave piece or size always sells out!

The Ultimate Closet with #scoopstyle , Scoop relaunch celebration in NYC September 2019 with Walmart and LiketoKnow.itLooks from Scoop relaunch celebration in NYC September 2019 with Walmart and LiketoKnow.itCamo and leopard print #scoopstyle , Scoop relaunch celebration in NYC September 2019 with Walmart and

Fave Scoop NYC pieces (all well under $50!) to buy at Walmart now:

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