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OhMyBijou Handmade Jewelry Subscription Review

OhMyBijou Handmade Jewelry Subscription Box Service

Earlier this season I received a jewelry subscription box for review from OhMyBijou.  This introduction was a reminder of what I loved the most about blogging: the discovery of new and unique products.

So what is it and what makes it special?

OhMyBijou is a monthly jewelry subscription service with a special twist. Each monthly box includes 2 to 3 pieces of high-quality handmade jewelry from artists from the United States and Canada where “you can trace the origins and story of your jewelry back to the person who made them”.  Designed to be on-trend and stylish, the jewelry is unique because they are not mass-produced.  An added bonus, the boxes are reasonably priced at $35/box plus free shipping.

I received the April box which was also available in June. In a pretty pink box (top photo), there was a gold shimmer choker by Amanda Deer, “The Wish” North Star pendant necklace by Bohemian Souls Shine, and a pyrite and quartz bangle by Adam Rabbit.

Amanda Deer Choker and Bohemian Souls Shine Pendant necklace from OhMyBijou Box

These were all pieces that I would choose for myself, so I was excited to get it all in one box. Loved the delicate nature of the pieces and that they would be great for layering: an on-trend look for jewelry right now.  Want to try this handmade jewelry subscription box service for yourself? Use my code: JOSEPHINA for 20% off your order at  These boxes would be a great gift as well, especially for your ‘hard to shop for’/’has everything’ friends!

If you try it, hope you love it as much as I do!

Adam Rabbit Bangle from OhMyBijou Handmade Jewelry Subscription Service Box

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