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Fashion and Flowers with B Floral

Hot pink peonies in a jar
We all know that flowers are a quick and easy way to add color and accessorize a room. But have you ever tried to get more creative and use flowers and home decor to reflect the current trends in fashion? 
Several weeks ago I received a gorgeous floral arrangement created by B Floral at a Henri Bendel(HB) press preview for the HB Summer’16 collection. Presented in a chic HB vase, the arrangement inventively incorporated mini pineapples (so cute!) to go along with a summer/tropical theme. (See it on my Instagram account here.) Previously unfamiliar with B Floral, I was excited to learn more about their beautiful creations and get some inspiration on new ways to integrate flowers as a design element in my home. 
Since NYFW for Fall/Winter 2016 has just passed (still can’t believe it’s been two weeks!), Bronwen Smith, Owner and Lead Designer of B Floral, offered her tips on how to apply the trends from the runways to home decor. I loved all of her ideas, so of course I am sharing it with you all! See below for her wonderful graphic and tips:

5 trends from NYFW Fall 2016 for Floral decor
Fringe has been strutting down the runway for a few seasons now, and it certainly is not going away anytime soon. Use fringed elements as decor or opt for fringed tulips as an alternative to more traditional flowers. These exotic blooms provide a unique and chic touch to a table​ ​scape or bar arrangement. 
Color blocking comes and goes, but expect to see this trend everywhere. Decorate your coffee table with a colorful display to brighten the room, use multi-colored pillows on your couch and have fun using decorative trays, book ends and more on the shelves!
Bold, daring, and bright dominated the runway​, ​and ​it’s a beautiful, commanding look for your apartment as well. I​f you decorate using whites, greys and soft blues, give it ​a nice pop ​of color ​​with a ​vibrant ​shader​ like a deep purple, red or even a bold yellow — which has been spotted all over the catwalk as well.
Metallics are great for grabbing your attention in any room. You can have blooms in a metallic vase as a subtle statement on your end​ ​table or ​countertop. Pair metallic vases with pale pink or yellow flowers as a soft contrast.
Velvet, satin, fringe, and fur were used together (or alone) as statements during NYFW. ​These​ variation​s​ of fabrics and materials came together to add dimension and depth to a collection​, which can certainly be applied to the world of decor. Use​ different elements together to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
I can’t wait to try all of her suggestions! Thanks for the inspo Bronwen!!
photo credit: Top photo taken by me, Josephina Kim. Graphic of trends is courtesy of B Floral.

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