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What’s in my [Caroline De Marchi] Bag…

Black/White stripe Caroline De Marchi Bag, iphone, cosmetics, Jimmy Choos, notebook, etc.

…for fashion week.

NYFW for the Women’s Fall 2016 collections officially starts on Thursday, and it’s time to get serious. Aside from staying on top of my schedule and deciding on outfits (it might be too cold to dress up!), I also need to get my bag ready with all the things that will be essential throughout the day.

The Caroline De Marchi ‘Cubo’ Bag shown above is one of the bags I will be using. (See my post here to find out more about this amazing brand and my introduction to it during Paris Fashion Week.) Aside from this bag’s gorgeous style and high quality craftsmanship, I also love the ‘Cubo’ because it can hold a lot. It’s perfect for these fashion week essentials and anything else that I may need to hold throughout the day.

In my bag:

Not pictured are my Canon DSLR, cold weather accessories and maybe some snacks… So now you see why my bag needs to hold a lot!

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