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My Favorite Skinny Jeans…

Blue and Black FRAME denim skinny jeans, Garance Dore book, Frends Headset
Flares may be the new(returning) trend in denim, but not for me, at least not yet. I much prefer my skinny jeans (and boyfriend jeans, but that’s another post…). Skinnies are much more flattering, you can wear them with any heel height (no more hem dragging on the ground!), they can pull off the dressed-up look a bit more effortlessly, and with improved fabric technology, they’re comfortable as well! 

I have tried and loved many skinny style jeans, but I recently found ones from FRAME denim which are my all time favorite. The rise is not too high or too low (regardless of how it’s described on a particular site), they slenderize and lift where you need them :), and they have just the right amount of stretch where they’re comfortable without sliding down, you know what I mean…

Shop these skinnies and some other faves here…

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