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Travel Abroad: 5 Packing Essentials

5 Essentials for Travel
Last week I took the ‘red-eye’ from New York to Paris for fashion week. Although I’ve been to Paris several times before, this was my first time to travel for Paris Fashion Week for this blog. As you might guess, I was beyond excited and will post on some of my experiences over the next week or so. In the meantime, I wanted to share some packing tips/products that are essential to me when traveling. As the holiday/vacation season approaches, hopefully you will find some of these helpful to you as well!
Clockwise from top left:
1. Travel Hot Rollers– If you know me well, you know that I can not do my hair without my hot rollers. I don’t use a brush or comb (sorry!) and have never been able to properly blow it out on my own. All I do is dry it, sleep on it, then use hot rollers in the morning for about 3 mins. Easy. The problem is that a traditional hot roller set is pretty big, so not conducive to traveling… Found this travel set about a year ago which is the only one so far that works for me. Aside from its compact size, the set includes 5 rollers with a 1.25″ diameter which is the ideal size for adding wave without over-curling. In addition, it is dual voltage which is a necessity when traveling abroad.
2. Packing Pouches– In a set of 3 sizes, these zippered pouches help me keep my undergarments, socks, shirts, etc. organized and protected from other items in my suitcase. Made of parachute-like material, the pouches are extremely lightweight, durable, and enable you to push the air out to densely pack your items to fit more and prevent shifting within your bag. 
3. Voltage Converter and Outlet Adapter Set– This is a great all-in-one set that includes different adapter plugs for several international regions, and is not as heavy or large as some of the other converter sets I tried. 
4. Jewelry Organizer– I like this one from Kendra Scott, because it keeps everything in one place, yet gives you an option to remove the individual pouches. Also love that there is a hook to hang it up wherever you are getting ready. See below for an image of the jewelry organizer when opened…
View of Kendra Scott Jewelry Travel Organizer
5. Nalgene Bottles– For cosmetics, toiletries, etc., these bottles don’t leak. Nalgene makes bottles for use in laboratories, so these are made with a laboratory quality seal. After many incidences of leakage from my lower quality bottles that I had purchased randomly at the drugstore, etc.; I now try to only use these Nalgene bottles during airplane travel. Love them.
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