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‘Today’s Beauty Pick’ Follow-up

In a previous post several months ago (see it here), I featured Philosophy’s full of promise for eyes as my ‘Beauty Pick’ of the day. I chose this product, because it targets the specific lifting/firming needs of the upper eye-lid and separately packages it with an under-eye cream all in one vial. When I wrote the post, I had just been using it for a few days so only noticed its more immediate effects of overall hydration and a tightening(tingling) sensation for the upper lid. Per product instructions, full effects are only to be expected after a full month of use. Now, after several months of use (with some breaks here and there…), I am happy to follow-up that I still love it and that it has actually, in my opinion, visibly tightened my upper eye-lid. Maybe you wouldn’t notice any real change if you saw me, but it’s one of those subtle differences that’s hard to pinpoint unless you were looking for it. So for a non-prescription strength cream, this one is pretty great.

I definitely preferred the upper eye-lid treatment over the one for the under-eye for this eye duo and would probably stick with La Mer the eye balm intense (see image below) for daily morning use. Having used this particular La Mer eye product for years, I prefer its lighter weight and cooling effect for puffiness and find that it layers under make-up better. It’s a lot pricier than many other eye creams, but if you use it as directed it can last for a long time, like several months!


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    November 23, 2014 at 8:38 pm

    This is great to hear! I'm looking for a new eye cream.

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