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LIE SANGBONG – New York Fashion Week SS’15


Entitled Dream Road, the LIE SANGBONG collection for Spring/Summer 2015 was ethereal, beautiful and optimistic. The designer Mr. Lie, deeply affected by a maritime disaster in his native South Korea earlier in the year, wanted to create a collection “to share the positivity that is brought on by the beginning of spring and the promise of a new day”. And that he did.
With a prominent use of butterfly, floral and cloud motifs, the colors in the collection were mostly white, turquoise, cobalt and purple. Luxurious fabrics such as silk jacquard, silk chiffon and fine cotton were used to create pieces that incorporated Mr. Lie’s signature architectual silhouettes and precise tailoring, for which he is known. The result was expertly constructed looks that were detailed, yet fluid and light.
My favorite looks from the collection:
This dress…gorgeous…
An incredible feature of the runway show for LIE SANGBONG was the actual runway. Created in collaboration with Jang Seung Hyo, a Korean sculptor and installation artist, the runway was made of 1,188 glass tiles. In a dreamy sky blue shade, the tile runway included a border of collage-to-photo prints that included iconic prints from the LIE SANGBONG archive as well as the motifs debuted this season. Amazing. And a perfect way to highlight the collection’s theme!
Photo of a part of the border of the runway taken with my iphone…

In conclusion, a stunning collection and a welcome extra dose of optimism for SS’15!

photo credit: top photo and runway tile photo by Josephina Collection, other images courtesy of LIE SANGBONG

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