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H&M for H&M

I really wanted the title for this post to be Isabel Marant for H&M where I would share the great items I acquired during the debut of the Isabel Marant for H&M collection a few of weeks ago in November. What I didn’t anticipate, at the time of the debut, was that the entire collection would be completely sold out (well, almost) within hours after they were officially put on sale. In stores and online.  
I had a cold the day the collection went on sale so I, very naively, thought I would just go online and scoop up my favorite pieces(see above). Easy peasy…not!  Aside from being in a queue just to get onto the site, every item I wanted and dropped into my online basket somehow disappeared by the time I got through checkout. I was too slow. Frantic, I started to add whatever was available, but in the end yielded to common sense and removed all my 2nd choice or “not really my size” items.  The upside is that all the extra time I spent on the site led me to the 2 items shown in the top pic and below.
Love this oversize sweatshirt($39.95) with its edgy side zipper detail.  But what I’m most excited about are these faux leather pants! I’ve been looking for real leather pants for a really long time, but at their high price point, was never able to find ones that seemed, for me, worth the investment. These faux leather pants, on the other hand, are actually quite flattering, easy to clean, and only $34.95! I have to admit, the button does look a little cheap, but cover it up/replace it and you basically have leather pants for $34.95. Crazy.  🙂

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